Learning Agreement Hu

Learning Agreement Hu

If Neptune`s course portfolio changes after January 3, final apprenticeship contracts will be issued until March 9, in accordance with Neptune`s final course portfolio, which will be added to the transcript at the end of the period. This apprenticeship agreement will then be signed by the student and his home coordinator and will also be put online in the BME database. Download the learning agreement for minors of your preference via www.kiesopmaat.nl. The download of the learning agreement for AB time is no longer possible. Apprenticeships for C periods can be downloaded until November 5, 2020 included. Complete the apprenticeship agreement and ask the exam board for your curriculum to sign and stamp the apprenticeship agreement. Sign the apprenticeship agreement yourself. Check to see if all the details have been entered and create a PDF of the learning agreement. The host institution undertakes to provide a copy of the registrations to the original institution and the student within a time frame set by the inter-institutional agreement and, as a rule, beyond five weeks after the publication/proclamation of the student`s results in the host institution. Your application will not be processed without an apprenticeship agreement, including the approval of the jury of your program of study. Because of the coronary measures, most audit committees digitally sign apprenticeship contracts for com minors.

Ask the exam board for your program, where you can digitally sign the apprenticeship contract. If the jury does not digitally sign your curriculum, please email komminors@hu.nl. Download the full learning agreement in Osiris Application. It may take longer to get a hu response. Erasmus Statistics (Bilateral Agreements, Student Mobility and Staff Mobility) Students are committed to achieving a certain level of language skills in the main language by the start of their studies. The student`s level, after being selected, will be assessed by the online assessment tool Erasmus when it is available (the results are transmitted to the sending institution) or by any other means and end of decision of the sending institution. In the inter-institutional agreement, a recommended level was agreed between the sending and receiving institutions. If the student does not already have this level when he signs the apprenticeship agreement, he undertakes to achieve it with the support provided by the sending or receiving agency (either with courses that can be funded by the scholarship to support the organization, or with the online remedial courses Erasmus). Sign up for HU Osiris recording.

Answer questions, download your apprenticeship contract and submit your application. The download of the learning agreement for the AB period is no longer possible. Apprenticeship contracts for the Time CD can be downloaded until November 19, 2020 included. You will receive an email about the progress of your application within ten business days. If the minor is admitted, the miner`s lecturer will contact you. The recordings are processed in the order of receipt. If there is no more room on the minor, you will receive a message. Apprenticeship contracts concluded and signed by BME after the first notification period are available by January 15.

Although many people in the Netherlands speak English and you don`t need it for your studies, we recommend that you learn at least some Dutch while you live in the Netherlands. This will definitely improve your experience and contribute to your enjoyable stay in the country! The Dutch are generally open and happy to help you learn.

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