Édouard Brasey was born on March 25, 1954 in Marseilles, France. He has been interested in the imaginary since his childhood.

Graduating from the ESSEC Business School (École Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales), the leading business school outside North America which obtained the prestigious accreditation AACSB (Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business), he gained a Master in Private Law at Lyon II-Lumière, a Diploma of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Lyon, and a Master in Cinema Studies and Scriptwriting (Paris I-La Sorbonne), with the directors Éric Rohmer et Jean Rouch as professors. He also trained in the theatre, in story-telling and in commedia dell’arte and prepare a Master 2 in English Traductology in order to supervise his own translations from French into English.


He has been a journalist for Lire, l’Expansion, Challenges, Livres Hebdo, Le Monde de la Musique, Le Figaro Madame and L’Usine Nouvelle. He writes regularly for the review Historia, edits reviews of historical crime novels, and collaborates in special features concerning witchcraft, the devil, medieval legends, superstitions, pirates or fairy-tales.

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Career as a Writer

Édouard Brasey is the author of nearly seventy works since 1987, comprising investigative documents, essays, chronicles, fictionalised biographies, novels, monographs, collections of fables and illustrated art books. His works address the themes of the invisible world and spirituality, religions and pagan (notably Celtic) beliefs, fables and legends, and the fantastic.

Investigative Essays

His first investigative essay, published in 1987 by Ramsay, was dedicated to the literary journalist Bernard Pivot. Favourably received, it was qualified by Philippe Schuwer in Communication et Langages as « a study that approaches hagiography without having the faults ».

Édouard Brasey thereupon interested himself in the esoteric with l’Enquête sur l’Existence des Anges Rebelles in 1995 and the Enquête sur l’Existence des Fées et des Esprits de la Nature in 1996 published by Filipacchi and J’ai Lu.

Literature of the Imaginary

In 1995, the writer specialised in the domain of legends, notably following an apprenticeship with the story-teller Henri Gougaud.  Between 2005 and 2012 he wrote a collection of fables, Le Cabinet Fantastique, as well as collections of fantasy, French fiction, esoteric writings, essays and illustrated books at Éditions Le Pré aux Clercs. He authored numerous publications in this domain that made him an incontestable reference in the field. Most of them has been translated in different languages (see TRADUCTIONS/TRANSLATIONS)


He has also published several novels since 1994, in the fields of thriller, crime novel, historical novel or story inspired by legend.


He recently published esoterical and dystopian thrillers, mixing up contemporary subjects and historical backgrounds. In The Last Pope and St Peters’s Prophety (Le Dernier pape et la prophétie de Pierre, being soon translated in english), published in january 2013, he anticipated the abduction of Benoit XVI. The novel has been a best-seller for near 3 years in paperbook and ebook, with around 20 000 copies sold.


With Anonymous, a graphic novel in 5 parts, he makes links between the altermondialist secret group Anonymous and the Gunpowder plot of Guy Fawkes, which occurred the 5th of November 1605.

Teaser of the show « Bob vous dit toute la vérité« of the December 3, 2014

Historic and legendary novels

With Les Lavandières de Brocéliande (Editions Calmann-Lévy, 2012, Le Livre de Poche, 2014), Edouard Brasey inaugurates a new genre, that of historic and legendary novels of the earth, inspired by popular beliefs, in which the action takes place in Britanny. This novel has been favourably received by Le Courrier Indépendant. It’s followed with Les Pardons de Locronan and La Sirène d’Ouessant. His next novel, due to appear with Calmann-Lévy in 2015, is a crime novel in which the action takes place in Haute Provence at the beginning of the 1960s, L’Affaire Cabre d’Or.



On June 20, 2009, Édouard Brasey received the Prix Merlin in the novels category for Les Chants de la Walkyrie, the first volume of the cycle La Malédiction de l’Anneau (Belfond editions, 2008 – 2010). He received a bursary for creation from the Centre National du Livre for his writing. Valeurs Actuelles writes that « Édouard Brasey makes the ancient Nordic sagas sing, the legend of the powerful Ases and the magnificent Vanes. A remarkable work that holds together a fantastic narrative and lyric poetry ». For Nicolas L., SciFi-Universe, November 24, 2008 « eminent French specialist in the universe of fairies, folklore, myths and legends, Édouard Brasey offers us, with La Malédiction de l’Anneau, the fruit of a colossal work of compilation carried out from diverse sources, such as l’Edda, La Saga des Völsung or l’Anneau du Nibelung. » insists on the « titanic work where we sense the love of Édouard Brasey for all that touches from near or from far the imaginary and the fantastic, to take on such a monster might seem a little reckless but the author knew how to respond to the challenge with brio and brings us a new insight into a myth that has not finished making us dream. »

Spéciale Pleine lune à la Mandragore



Edouard Brasey portrait 4 Imaginales

L’Encyclopédie du Merveilleux (Editions Le Pré aux Clercs, 2005, 2006, 2007 et 2012) collects more than creatures of surnatural world: fairies, elves, imps, mermaids, dwarfs, dragons, unicorns, griffons, gargoyles, werewolves, vampires trolls, Cyclopes, giants, ogres, titans… with their description, their geographic and mythological origin, their habits and their history. The sources of this work were found in history, legends, Celtic, Greek-Roman, Germanic or Nordic mythology, literary or cinematographic creations. This work is made up of three volumes: Des peuples de la Lumière, Du Bestiaire Fantastique and Des Peuples de l’Ombre (2005 and 2006), re-edited into a single volume entitled La Petite Encyclopédie du Merveilleux in 2007 and La Grande Encyclopédie du Merveilleux in 2012. It earned him a double recognition at Imaginales d’Épinal in 2006: the Imaginales Special Jury Prize, and the Claude Seignolle Prize for the images. The first volume has been translated into English by Five Mile Press, under the title The Encyclopedia of Fantasy – People of Light. More than 100 000 copies of this work were sold, all editions included. These works, accessible to all, have improved the knowledge of the marvellous in France.

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Jacques Baudou, Le Monde, October 21, 2005, writes « Re-enchant the world »: this slogan, borrowed from the preface of this encyclopaedia, entitled « Once upon a time it was marvellous », could well define better than a long discussion the task engaged here and which must be followed to its conclusion in several volumes. » For Le Figaro, « Édouard Brasey is a major specialist of the genre. « 

Scriptwriter for audio-visual and live arts (television, radio, screen adaptation, theatre)

Édouard Brasey is also a scriptwriter for televised documentaries, theatre and story-telling dramas and musical comedies. He has notably participated in several documentaries on historical or esoteric subjects:

  • Le Sorcier Habite l’Immeuble, documentary with J.-C. Deniau, 52 minutes, France 2, October 30 ,1989.
  • Les Années Algériennes, historical documentary series de Benjamin Stora, 4 x 52 minutes, France 2, October 1991.
  • Des Anges, des Démons et des Hommes, documentary with J.-C. Deniau, 70 minutes, France 3, August 1995.
  • Il était une Fée, documentary with Bernard Jourdain, 52 minutes, France 2, May 9, 1999.

He has written a musical comedy for children, A la Recherche d’Alandys, for Les Monts Rieurs in 2002, and co-authored with his wife, Stéphanie Brasey, a second musical comedy, L’Enfant Tombé de la Lune for Les Monts Rieurs, 2012.

Clip Alandys


Also with his wife, Stéphanie Brasey, he has co-authored La Porte des Secrets, a screen adaptation for Paimpont inspired by the legends of the forest of Brocéliande.



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